Find the Perfect Indianapolis Dwelling for your Retirement Home

When you’re ready to retire after a long and successful career, you may want to pursue your peaceful dream home in a different community entirely. Rather than retire to an assisted living facility, it may be much more appealing to you to search for a quiet and appealing home suitable for your modest needs.
Data from MarketWatch pegged Indianapolis as one of four cities in Indiana that are ideal as retirement communities, considering that the cost of living is roughly 10% lower than the national average. When you’re in the market for that wonderful house to serve as your retirement home, a staff of knowledgeable property agents like the Tim O’Connor Team from Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is prepared to work with you.


Find Out What Sets Indianapolis Real Estate Apart from All the Others

One of our proud listings is situated in 10439 Indian Lake Boulevard S DR. It is a two-story modern home with a large, screened-in porch right in the Indian Lake community. This house is newly-remodeled with a dining room that’s open to the gourmet kitchen containing high-end appliances, plus a Great Room that will enable you to host intimate and fun bonding moments with your family and guests.

Its Master bedroom boasts a fireplace, a walk in closet, a spa area, and a second set of washers/dryers. Also, you will have the luxury of a large sunroom that overlooks the deck and private yard adjacent to Connor Prairie. This home provides ample parking space with its two-car attached garage and a walkout door that allows you to move easily to the wooded backyard.

Find Classic Homes for Sale in Indianapolis with Berkshire Hathaway

A quick roll call of the rooms in this single family home built all the way back from the 1950s would yield a great room (with fireplace!), separate dining room, updated kitchen, a large sunroom that connects to a one-car garage, three bedrooms, and one and a half bath. It also has a full basement to accommodate all your extra space requirements.

Completing the homey design of this Cape Cod residency is a fenced in yard with an adorable, small patio situated just behind the garage. Aside from that, what further makes this a perfect match for those looking for family homes for sale in Indianapolis is the large front lawn. Now, family time won’t have to be limited by what the playroom can afford, but can extend to right outside the house.